Discover the Lavaux region (UNESCO)

Montreux Events opens the doors to Lavaux, this magnificent Swiss region, famous for its terraced vineyards listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located just a few minutes from Montreux.

Montreux Events can orchestrate guided walks for total immersion in nature or mini-bus tours for those who prefer comfort while enjoying panoramic views.

These tours are designed to reveal the secrets of Lavaux, from its ancestral terraces to emblematic viewpoints offering unrivalled panoramas of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.


Immerse yourself in the very essence of Lavaux by meeting local winegrowers, the true guardians of age-old traditions. Montreux Events facilitates these precious exchanges, where each producer shares his passion for vines and wine. During visits to carefully selected cellars, discover the secrets of winemaking and take part in tastings that will take you on a journey through the unique flavours of the region's grape varieties. These moments are a celebration of the work and love that bind winegrowers to their land.


The art of living in Lavaux can also be savoured at the table. Montreux Events can organise your meal in the intimacy of a family-run wine estate, where dishes prepared with local produce are perfectly matched with the local wines. Whether it's a chic picnic among the vines or a gourmet dinner under the stars, each experience is an ode to Swiss cuisine, rich and varied, promising moments of conviviality and sharing.


Beyond gastronomy and wine, Lavaux is an open book on history and culture. Montreux Events can enhance your itinerary with visits to castles and monuments that bear witness to the region's thousand-year-old history. There are also tasting workshops dedicated to emblematic Swiss products, such as cheese and chocolate, for a fun and gourmet approach to the local culinary tradition.


Montreux Events is committed to personalising every detail of your visit, tailoring activities to your interests and ensuring that your Lavaux experience is as unique as it is memorable. Whether your passion is tasting exceptional wines, discovering spectacular scenery, immersing yourself in local culture, or exploring history and heritage, Montreux Events creates flexible itineraries to suit every taste.

With Montreux Events, discovering Lavaux becomes a tailor-made adventure, where natural beauty, winemaking tradition and gastronomic delights combine to offer a rich and diverse experience.

Let us guide you through this exceptional region on an exploration that promises not only to reveal the treasures of Lavaux but also to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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